What speakers would match this old Rotel???


OK, I tried to do some research on this issue but since the info is too technical, I still need help from you. I'm looking for a per of floor speakers that would match my old amp Rotel RA-960BX. Price of the speakers should be less then $ 1,000.

What should be the speaker's specs considering that:

1. My Rotel's has these characteristics:

Continuos Power Output.......60 watts per channel, min. RMS both channels driven into 8 ohms from 20 to 20,000 kHz with no more than 0.3% total harmonic distortion
Output: Speakers....................4 ohms minimum
Headphones..............8-2,000 ohms

2. Also, I would eventually like to ad a subwoofer to these pair of new speakers.

Thanks for any clarification!

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Check out the Paradigm Monitor 7. List price is $699 and for that price they are a real bargain. Match very well with Rotel.

Hey Therealelitefan, thank you for your response. I will seriously consider your choice.

Based on your suggestion, can I conclude that:

1. These speakers already include subwoofer?

1. The Speaker's Suitable Amplifier Power Range of 15-180 watts refers to Rotel's continuos power output of 60 watts per channel? So that 60 falls between # 15 and 180?

2. My amp requires 8 ohms speakers and not 4 ohms. (Does this mean that each speaker should be 8 ohms or two of them together in a pair is 8 ohms.) Than what does my manual (see above) mean by 4 ohms minimum on output for speakers?


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The Monitor 7 does not include a sub but are 8 ohm speakers. I guess I missed the part about wanting built in subs. If so look at Def Tech.

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The Paradigm is nevertheless a superb choice for your Rotel (elitefan does it again!). I wouldn't worry about a subwoofer for simple two channel music. But if you really must include a built in sub, check out the NHT ST-4 speaker. MSRP is $1K/pair, but you can get them for under $800 and they are beautifully sounding speakers with a ton of low end extension. Images much better than the DefTechs, IMO.

Guys thanks for your enthusiasm,

I thought of buying a sub later as a separate piece. But on this site (under Monitor 7 -> Tone) I find that Monitor 7 has included sub (or I'm wrong?):

As you can see, the article says: "... The big bottom end is suplied by the PS-1200 powered subwoofer, with a 310 mm carbon-fibre-reinforced cone, a 51 mm voice coil and die-cast chassis..."

So, do you think that I would still need additional sub besides Monitor 7 pair?
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