HK AVR230 or Onkyo TX-SR601


Any good opinions on either of these units. They cost about the same. I've read some discussions about the HK units overheating - that concerns me.

I plan on using the receiver 80% for video and 20% for music. Speakers are JBL SCS160SI.


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onkyo 601 nuff said!!

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I'm actually a new HK fan myself. The sound is bright and full and they look great. I did audition several receivers though, a couple of which were the Onkyo 601, Denon 884, Denon 1804 and the Yamaha HTR5660. I just went with H/K because they just sounded better to me.

Regarding the piece about overheating, I spoke to H/K yesterday about this and this was their response:
HK uses high current designs, this design is used in high end models and is known for higher heat due to the amperage output.

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I've been reading this BBS for a while now and found a lot of nice info about AV-stuff. There's much experience and knowledge here.

To develop my english skills I think I should post something too...

This AVR230, SR601, T743, SR4400/5400 class of receivers interests me because I'm also gonna buy one in the nearest future. Here in Finland they cost like 500-700 euro which is quite a lot more than you pay for them, but well what can you do.

Just read a review on Onkyo TX-NR801E (~1950 euro) and it had very poor continous power. 5*33W 8Ohm and 5*47W 4Ohm. 20ms "burst" power wasn't any better, 5*34/49/58W(2Ohm). Why is that? How about the cheaper models (601), propably they have the same problem? Though in another review the TX-SR501 was measured 5*75W continuous @8Ohm.

Does the 601 have pre-outs? It's direct-input is only 5.1.

501 doesn't have 'large' settings for center and surround, they're always set 'small'. How about 601?

My friend just bought a 601, but i haven't yet listened it. He said it was wery detailed and the power was sufficent.

My speakers are a bit on the bright side, is Onkyo a good choice for them?

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Those are the 2 receivers Avr230 and TxSR601. I listed to both at circuit city. The HK seemed more forward while the onkyo was more laid back. I think I will be buying the onkyo because of 50mhz component switching. Both sound good to me..though different.
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