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I just made the acquisition of a NAD A/V T763 unit with a DVD player T533. I was looking for some PSB speakers and I came across 2 models of this brand and it's the Alpha and Image series. There is a price difference of app. 500$, I'm wondering what would be better and fit for the units I have, the guy I talked to seemed to be saying there was not much of difference between the series except the constuction of the casing.

i need some help or even suggestions for what would fit best all together



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Get the image series if it is within your budget.

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Image series are great.

8c is the best speaker deal out there. 5T & 6T are great. 2B's are nice rear speakers.

Check out I (and some buddies) have purchased a bunch of PSB stuff from them.

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I agree, PSB Image are great. I actually had a listen a few weeks ago to the PSB and NAD combo, wonderful combo in my opinion

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Im with MaroonMike here.

I have Stratus Silver-i as mains, Stratus 6c center. The frontal imaging is PHENOMENAL. Great bargain in mid-range speakers.

I was planning to buy Stratus Mini's for the rears ($1k), but gave the 2Bs a shot ($250). I ran the 2B's for a while alone to break in, and I found that the imaging is really quite good for an affordable speaker. I stuck with them and saved about $700.

If you are interested, bargain hard since the 2B is discontinued. You should be able to get a pair for prob $200. I think its replaced by the B25, which retails for about $450 (street prices are prob about $300)

BTW, I'm using a Outlaw 950/770 combo to drive the system.
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