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After considering my options, I have wondered if the most cost effective option for me is to get a receiver with a lot of surround/processing features and a separate stereo amp (or pair of monoblocks). Basically, I want a lot of bells and whistles for the home theatre stuff (things that NAD just doesn't do.), but I need something to give about 90 wpc into 4 ohms for stereo without any problems. I think if I do it right, (b-stock, ebay and/or audiogon), I can get out of there for about $600-$700. So my questions are:

Is this a viable option, i.e. are there any issues with this sort of setup that I should know about?

Would, say, a Yamaha/Rotel combo be the equal of, say a NAD 753 or Cambridge 540R for stereo sound?

Since stereo music reprodution is the main priority after the surround features (not necessarily surround *sound*), should I go with the typically more "musical" receiver such as H/K or Marantz, keeping in mind that it will just be used as a Pre/Pro?

For the receiver, I am thinking that a Yamaha or Denon would be the best, since they seem to have a lot of features for the money, though I want the H/K AVR130, H/K AVR230, Marantz sr-7400 price range. I have been looking at Outlaw monoblocks, Nad C272, and Rotel RB 1050 for the amp(s).

Thought? Suggestions?


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This is my experience

I went and heard the NAD743, Yamaha 2400 HK 635 and Pioneer 54TX the little NAD performed so well I bought the next step up NAD T753 same price range. I have Infinity Alpha 50 speakers big but not 4 ohms and efficient. The NAD sounded superb for audio 2 channel analog, the speakers were no load for it. I hooked up a Dolby source and the dreaded NAD hum, I swapped out the reciever and got another unit same problem. Headphone output is poor and not good for movies. I watch movies at night after the kids are asleep. Sound from dolby sources was not up to par - shift the same source to 5.1 analog input and wow

I decided to get a Yamaha 1400 and a NAD 270 for the front channels the combo was within the same price range. I would have perfered the Denon but the dealer I got the NAD from does not carry them and exchange was my only option.

I got the 1400 first and hooked it up to my speakers and compared to the T753 it failed it could not drive the speakers in any mode. My NAD 270 amp came in and I hooked it up the sound improvement is incredible but for analog sources the T753 was better by a small margin. The sound quality of the T753 was better but I now have no hum (very annoying), good headphone surround the Yamaha probably has one of the best virtual modes - better movies DSP and the sound for Dolby music is overall marginally better.

The Yamaha has better DSP than the T753 more frills. Not as good a preamp section and a total failure on the amp section. The T753 will happily drive 90wpc 4 ohms the Yamaha will struggle at best and sound like a boom box.

In conclution the T753 is the best sound you may get lucky and get a good unit or you may get one like mine with major issues. I decided to give up the T753 for the Yamaha 1400 and a NAD 270 2 channel amp (Saturday audio has great deal). Depending on the rest of the speakers you may want to get a cheaper reciever and more expensive amp - I would have if I had a choice and later upgrade to a more expensive pre/pro. The RXV-750 is probably as good as the 1400 as a pre maybe better has a pure direct mode or the HTR series or a Denon. Whatever you get remember for remote switching of the amp you will need a receiver with a 12V trigger
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