B&W SPEAKERS and YAMAHA 5560 should I Bi-Wire


I am in the process of purchasing a Yamaha HTR 5560. I have a complete set of B&Ws Speakers. The 602 s2 for front, CC6 for center and 602 s1 for rears. My question is; is it ok to bi-wire my B&Ws to a A/V reciever like the HTR 5560,....Now I know most people will say get a amp. However thats not in my budget yet, only the receivers is. So it ok to bi-wire, from the receiver...?

Ps: To all audiophiles who live in Toronto, Canada
is there a club for audiophiles (and wannabe's
like me) to join, let me know please. Or drop
me a note at SkypadX@hotmail.com

I have a very similar setup, i have the HTR5560 and i have a lcr3 , 602's and klipsch rears in the cieling. works great and sounds really awesome to me.
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