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New to this HT thing. Help me please . I'll be using a NAD T753 receiver. I've got a pair of 'OLD' JBL L7 series speakers which I'll be using for the front(L & R ). What Brand do you recommend I use for the CENTER & REAR Speakers. 50/50 between music & movies. Budget of about $1000.00.

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Samb...The center speaker should be from the same line as the fronts, otherwise you will not have a matching sound from your front three speakers. The rear speakers would not have to be the same line. Having said that, I would either find a match for your JBLs or replace them as well. Your budget would suffice in purchasing a whole set. I would suggest you take a look at Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 or 8.4 fronts, Diamond center, Diamond 8.1 or 8.2 surrounds. They make a wonderful speaker system, I have this very combo and spent $600 for the whole lot brand new. I believe you could also put together a system from Monitor Audio's Bronze lineup. Tannoy Fusion 3 and accompanying center and surrounds would work in this price range as well.

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I would not mind getting rid of the L7's but dont you think that they sound as good as the others you recommended? If I must, where can I sell them ???

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I would suggest that you utilize those JBL speakers as your rear speakers since there is not a lot of sound coming from them while watching movies and non while listening to music, unless you listen to SACD or DVD-A. This will leave you with $1000 to purchase the front three speakers and you would be able to find many at this price range. Some brands you might consider would be Definitive Technology, Wharfedale, Monitor Audio, Kef, Tannoy, Dynaudio, Quad, and Axiom. Those all have speakers that will fit in this budget and are wonderful choices respectfully.

If you want to get rid of those speakers you can try , , or
If you go with Wharfedale, like I did, I would suggest the 9 series speakers, even though I have not heard them, as they are the succesors to the 8 series i have. You could also pick up Wharfedale Pacific Evo 30's which I believe would fit in your price range.

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Of those that vols recommended, I would also like to add to the list Paradigm and PSB. Both speakers sound wonderful with NAD. In fact, PSB and NAD are owned by the same parent company, and PSB speakers are used in the NAD labs to test receivers. Try the PSB Image line. I have the Image 2B with a 9C front and I absolutely love the combo. The detail and clarity that it provides is very hard to beat in my opinion. As vols said, you can easily get a pair of PSB front speakers and a PSB center speaker for $1000 and keep the "old" speakers as surrounds. Then, in time, when you get a bit more cash, you can add the matching surrounds.

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Johnny is right...I keep forgetting about the PSB Image, I listened to those with NAD gear and they are wonderful. Also, add Spendor to the list as well. Sorry, didn't get much sleep last night
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