Music Hall CD25 or the modified ones ??


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I am thinking about buying Music Hall CD25. But I am also thinking about should I buy the base unit or should I get the modified ones (level 1 or 2) I read somewhere that Hawk highly recommended the CD25. Question is can you compare it w/NAD 542. Also comparison between base unit and the modified ones. I mainly listen to Jazz, Indian classical and World some rock(Dylan, Van Morrison). Also any reliable places to buy the Music Hall or the NAD. Budget is $500 but would be flexible to go upto $700, if it makes a huge difference. Thanks in advance.

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Don't do it! I bought a Music Hall CD25 and then sent it out for Level 2 mods and an improved clock. Still dead, dead, dead with over 70 hours burn-in and my Senn 650/zu combo. Flat and very dry, unlike my Jolida and Rega Planet 2K. I really wanted to like this player because it looks gorgeous but damn, $4K in mods later and it's extremely sterile.

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Thx for the response. What do you think about the Cambridge Audio 640C. Do you have any experience between 640C, Music Hall CD25 and Arcam 73T. Thanks for your help!!

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who did your mods balgurac? 6-moons says mods of cd-25 blow the competition away.

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I am an unregistered guest although I read these forums frequently. I have an unmodified Music Hall CD 25. It replaced a Cambridge Audio 500SE which went to live upstairs. The CD 25 is paired with a Cambridge Audio Pre-amp (NAD C162 should be here soon) and I am using a NAD C272 power amp. I also have a Pioneer Elite DV-45A. Speakers are 7-year old Vandersteen 2CE's.

I think the CD 25 is a step up from the Cambridge Audio. I did consider the 640C but based on reviews went with the Music Hall. I am listening to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers as I type this (Blue Note 4003) and I think the sound is excellent. A few SCAD discs played on the Pioneer sound better than CDs played on the CD 25 but the difference is relatively small.

My opinion only of course.


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I believe the music hall and the nad use the same op amps bb 2134 and the same d/a converter... I know the nad does hdcd, not sure about the music hall.. The op amps and the d/a don't explain everything but it is what it is..

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Music hall is also HDCD. CD-25 spin off's abound though with the Usher and Onix units both costing less. Check them out and spend the difference on mod's
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