What receiver is best for energy eXL speakers for HT


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I am putting together a HT and audio system using energy eXL 26 as the front speakers and eXL16 as the rear and the centre and subwoofer from energy as well. I am thinking about getting either a denon 3805, the new pioneer elite VSX-56TXi. Yamaha RX-V2400 or a Nad T73. Is any one has any opinions about which receiver is best suited with my energy spekers (May be something else I haven't mentioned). My room is about 14'x12' and currently I am using a kenwood VR-3080 which severly lacks power.

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Hi sanil, if my memory serves me correctly then I would consider the Energy speakers to be a bit bright of a speaker (not a bad thing), therefore I would not suggest using Denon or Yamaha as the receiver as these tend to be bright as well. Unless, of course, you like a bright sound. Given your other two choices I would recommened either of those as they will pair up well

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The NAD T773 is the best sounding of the group. More open and detailed that the others.

The Yamaha RX-v2400 is fairly good for surround movies, has a very good remote but is not nearly as good with two channel music. The Denon sounds very clinical and strident to me, but some people really like the 3805. It is a feature laden unit, with a love it or hate it remote.

I have not heard the 56TXi, although I have read some positive reviews.

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The Energy speakers tend to use an aluminum dome tweeter, so you need a warm receiver to calm them down a bit. Add HK635 to your list if you can wait a month.

The Energy subs are pretty wicked, are you looking at the 12"?

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I meant the NAD T753 (T773 is way over my price range). Isn't the elite VSX-56TXi a warm reciver which can be paired well with the energy? I am also considering the Sherwood Newcastle R-865 Receiver, which can be bit tough finding it in canada.
I saw the HK635 reviews, but god knows when they will be availabe. I am using the energy 10" sub.
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