Teac, a quality company?


george c
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My friend will not shut up about how good his teac cd player is. I did some research on the web but didnt find much except for the fact they are not expensive. Is teac any better than the stuff you find at Best Buy and Circuit City?

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I cannot anwwer your question but I can offer the following. According to my findings, TEAC and Accuphase are(or were)related. I believe that Accuphase (maker of hugely expensive CD players) was an offshoot of TEAC in the distant past. Having worked in a Japanese auto company for 23 years, I know that often these "related companies" actually have quite close ties - often they are run by relatives or olde school class mates and that they share a lot - both ideas and hardware.

I have a relative that owns a TEAC CD player and I have noticed it seems to have an unusually nice transport and sounds really good for a $400 product. I have auditioned an Accuphase CD player (could not ever buy it!) and seems that several of the bits and pieces look very TEAC-like. Accuphase CD player sells for $16,000!

Nothing at all I say about this can be certain - but suggest you give the TEAC a serious listen and don't be prejudiced by the perceived reputation of the TEAC brand name. They do make a lot of cheap stuff like the others - but their Reference Series products don't look or sound bad at all - - quite surprising sound to my ears.

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My first "serious" audio equiment was a TEAC mini-component system, Reference 300, including a CD player, a cassette deck with dolby B/C and HX, tuner and an integrated amp. Just five days ago I received my new NAD T742 receiver and of course I had to run some comparison to see how much upgrade I got.

My opinion was that indeed I got a much bigger and clearer sound stage, wider dynamic range, also a very good sound quality and clarity from the receiver.

Then I hooked up the CD player first through analog and then digital out to the receiver in order to compare the sound of the DAC's. To my ears, the sound quality was quite close.

I would definitely say that TEAC is a good brand, in particular the reference system taht I own. Being "mini-components" and to see binding posts in the back of the amp instead of spring wires, it's definitely a step up from the general mass market stuff.

geroge c
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Thanks for the input. How do yall think Teac's products in general stand compared to Denon and Marantz.

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The TEAC Reference system - in my opinion - - clearly matches or exceeds the Denon and Marantz in quality of sound. The downside is that TEAC Reference doesn't offer as much power. However, with reasonably efficient speakers, you won't give up much or anything. Suggest you listen to them all and rely on your ears, not the brand name.
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