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If anyone knows anything about building or wiring speakers, please try to help me out in this thread. I have a set of surround sound speakers for my sides surrounds and I would like to upgrade to DIPOLE speakers. Now, they stopped makeing these speakers 3 - 4 years ago and I want dipole speakers to have the same drivers as my other speakers in my HT. I can easily get another pair of surround sound speakers. Each speaker has a 1" tweeter and a 6-1/2" woofer. So if I get another set, I will have 2 tweeters and 2 woofers for each dipole speaker.

Now, when I build a box a for the drivers. I will have 1 tweeter and 1 woofer on one side in phase and the other tweeter and woofer on the other side of the box out of phase. What is the best way to wire them up to the crossover?

Should I wire the left set of drivers, positive to positive on the crossover and negative to negative on the crossover. Then wire the drivers on the right, positive to the negative on the crossover and negative to the positive of the crossover? They will be out of phase but will the speaker become 4ohms? Is there a way to keep the speakers 8ohms? Or should I wire the speakers in series which might be about 16ohms? It would be safer but I don't know if the speakers will be loud enough.

Please halp in any way you can.

Thanks for everything,

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Sorry I posted this in the wrong section:-(

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Post it in and you will get advices.
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