Best bookshelf monitor for under $1500?


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Hey folks,

These are my contenders so far:
spendor s3/5 se
monitor audio gr10
north acoustics spirit
totem rainmaker

Anything else I should consider? This is for a small room (12' x 11') and would be paired with a small subwoofer.

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I think the GR10 lost in comparison to the half-the-price Quad 12L, give it a listen, it's good. Dynaudio Audience 52SE is very nice and B&W 705 isn't bad either.

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check out What Hi-Fi magazine (November issue), they have a buyer's guide in this issue. this should help a bit in your decision

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another vote for Dynaudio Audience 52SE, or the Axiom M22ti.

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In no particular order:
Reference 3A De Capo i
Quad 12L
Dynaudio 52 SE
Spendor S3/5 SE
Dynaudio BM6A (active monitors)
Wilson Benesch Arc
Onix Reference 1
AVI Neutron IV
AVI Pro Nine plus
Pro Ac Reference Signature 8
Veracity HT1 (Salk Sound)

Cheaper but offering competitive admirable performance would be:
Quad 11L
Epos M5
MA S1/S2
Aegis Evo One
Axiom M22Ti
Klipsch RB-35(a tad bright)


J. Vigne
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Well now, after all those suggestions we still have no idea what "sound" you are looking for; or, what the rest of the system is or will be, including the room. Some idea of musical tastes would be helpful while you're at it.


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Thanks for all the suggestions. With regard to J. Vigne's comments...musical tastes are eclectic: jazz, rock, classical, latin...I listen to it all. As I said, the room is small (12' x 11') and there is no room for stands, so the speakers would actually be on a bookshelf. Amp is the integrated Rotel 1062 with a Rotel RCD-1072 cd player. Also looking for a small sub for extending the lows. I prefer accurate sound with minimal coloration.

J. Vigne
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If you want new speakers I would go with the Spendors. There are lots of good bargains to be had in pre owned products.

Read this thread with particular attention to Ghia's post:

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