NAD T773 receiver doesn't have DPL2x - is this a big issue?


Darren Lee
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I am considering purchasing the Nad T773 receiver but I noticed that it has only Dolby pro logic 2 and not Dolby pro logic 2x. Is there a big difference in sound between these two? ( I still only have Dolby pro logic ). Is this big enough of an issue for me to not buy this receiver and spend my money on something like the YAMAHA RXV 2400 since it does have DPL2x?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
My speakers are the Paradigm Reference Studio v.2's - 100's , cc , adp's , 40's and servo 15 sub.

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It depends on what type of speaker layout you have. Pro "x" gives you a separate rear center channel of decoding. It's a nice feature but again how much 2 channel listening do you do through your 6.1 system. I do enjoy Pro Logic for TV viewing but 5.1 is just fine for the most part. I would also consider the size of the room my equipment is in. I am a yamaha fan but if you prefer the NAD I wouldn't change my mind just to get "x".

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Nad has informed me that they have plans to upgrade the t773 and t763 with DPL2x.

Darren Lee
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Robert Gatt

Just to clarify Robert, do you mean that if I were to buy a 773 now with only DPL2 that they will be able to upgrade my specific receiver with the DPL2x at a later date? Or should I hold off buying one now and wait for a newer receiver to come out which has the DPL2x in it from the start?

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The NAD has a RS-232 port in the back that alows for firmware upgrades, so you are upgradable when it comes out!
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