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I currently have paradigm cc370 as center, paradigm titans as fronts and no namers as surrounds. I am powering them with a kenwood vr-705. The receiver has DTS and DD 5.1. The question is should I buy the monitor 7's and move my titans to surrounds, or should i upgrade my receiver? It will be atleast 1 year before I will be able to buy the one that I choose not to buy. I listen to 50/50 music movies. If i do decide to go with a receiver, which should i go with between denon avr2105, 3805, yamaha 750, 1400, 1500, or NAD 743? According to most people here, including elitefan, these are the 3 best matches with paradigm! Thanks alot for all the input I really appreciate it

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Do you have a subwoofer? That would the first thing I would get. It will help the amp and the speakers by getting the low frequencies for itself, and give a totally new feel to the HT experience.

The Kenwood is not great, but I feel you should get some upgrades for the speaker departement first. Or a mixed upgrade.

Sub: Velodyne CHT-10 ~$200
Speakers: The MiniMonitor or Monitor 5
Receiver: The Pioneer 1014TX would be my choice for best price/performance-ratio.

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I really respect your opinions, you are just one of the people that i feel gives really good advice all the time. Anyways back to business, I do have Precision Acoustics 10" sub. It is from bestbuy canada and is actually not that bad of a sub. cost was $300 and i feel for now it does the job with the low end. My rear surrounds are also PA, they are adequate for what they are meant for since i don't listen to alot of 5 channel music however i would like to do more of it. So back to the main question paradigm monitor 7's or a new receiver? thanks landroval and everyone else who replies


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Considering that the Kenwood seems servicable for now I would get the 7's. That would get your speaker system complete and you can take your time and figure out which receiver fits your needs the best. As you know the Paradigms are wonderful speakers and the 7's are an especially good buy. Good luck with whichever way you go.

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Also while speakers stay more or less the same, the receivers get updated every 6-12 months with new gadgets and stuff. If you get speakers now they will be still up to date after a year, but the receiver might be lacking some important features like HDMI.

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I agree with landroval and elitefan - the 7's are your best bet. The cc370 is actually designed to be used with the 7's (as opposed to the Titans) so your whole front soundstage will sound fuller and more refined (all speakers will blend nicely since they use the same drivers). I would also keep the Titans and move them to surround duty as they are far more dynamic than your existing surrounds.

You can always upgrade your receiver at a later date or if you are willing, buy something used now on audiogon or HTF. If you decide to sell your Titans on ebay, you might be able to afford a used receiver such as a Yamaha RX-V1400 (with a bit more extra cash).

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