Possible Speaker cable Interference?


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I am just wondering if someone can tell me what are the possible ways that speaker cables can be interfered with other cables, power lines and produce unnecessary noise?


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Speaker cables normally don't pick up interference. Very, very long runs might be susceptible to RFI interference or a bad AC cable near by but both can be remedied by moving the cable.
Interconnects are the most common cause of interference, either RFI or AC hum. Causes are likely to be poorly shielded cables or a difference in ground potential somewhere in the system. Dirty connections can create a diode effect which is the equivalent of a crystal radio and will pick up a radio station ever so faintly.
Each type of cable (speaker, line, ac) should be loosely bundled with its own type and kept in separate runs from the others. Extra cable length should never be looped but instead should be formed as a loose figure eight. Cable runs should cross each other at right angles.

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