NAD C320 BEE, CA Azur 640A or used NAD C370


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I am planning to upgrade of my Yamaha RX-596 stereo receiver to an integrated amplifier to drive my Totem Hawks that I bought a year ago.

I am considering the following integrated amps.

NAD 320BEE (Continuous 50 W; IHF Dynamic Power at 8 Ohm: 110 W, at 4 Ohm: 160 W)
NAD C370 used (Continuous 120 W; IHF Dynamic Power at 8 Ohm: 210 W, at 4 Ohm: 340 W)
Cambridge 640A (65 W at 8 Ohm, 100 W at 4 Ohm)

The Hawks are listed as 6 ohm impedance, which is sort of in the middle of these stats. "Max" power handling for the Hawks is in the 160+ range according to their tech support. Given this, on a power-matching basis, which one of my three amp considerations would be best matched to the Hawks impedance and max power handling?

I have the opportunity to purchase (used) a NAD C370 for about the same price as the other two. Would this be *too* much power for the Hawks? Specifically, could I damage them by overdriving them with this particular unit? Would there be more of a risk of damage due to clipping with the NAD 320 BEE?

Finally, I know watts aren't always watts, but my RX-596 seems to stack up fairly well based on stats alone (80W cont., IHF 120/180W into 8/4 ohm respectively; 110 db SNR, 0.01 THD, damping >240, etc.). But, on paper it's one thing, I can't imagine that an integrated such as the 320 BEE wouldn't sound better.

What do you all think I should do?

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I'd go for the used NAD c370.
Too much power for the Hawks? I don't think so. Your speakers are more likely to be damaged by a shortage of power.
The NAD c370 is a very stable amp and will drive them without any problem.
The other two amps are great too, but the c370 is definitely in a different and better league.
But listen first before you decide.
Good luck!
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