Marantz SR 5300 - ticking from FrontRight channel.


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SO I just noticed something new today...

My Marantz SR 5300 has a very slight clicking in the right front channel.. I notice it while I move the volume through the -55db -38db range. There is an slightly audible "tick" for each DB change. Once the volume stops changing, so does the ticking.

A day ago, I installed 12 gauge speaker wires to Paradigm Monitor 7's in front. Perhaps this "DB volume ticking" was there all along, but I just noticed it after the better wire.

(This happens with either the remote or knob. I hear it only in the FRONT RIGHT channel but in no other channels. It happens with analog FM radio sources or digital DVD sourced material. )

Has anybody heard of this problem with a Marantz? If it indicates something that could get worse, or a bad manufacturing run, I suppose I should get it fixed under the 3 year warrantee. Should I be concerned? What do you think?

Overall, this receiver has been a very easy one to live with... The remote is kind of junky, and it could be punchier, but I love the clean sound, good for me now. But I'm bummed.

Much thanks,

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