Monitor Audio GR10's or 20's to complete system. Opinions?


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My first 2 posts poofed into the ether instead of posting I think. 2nd time I was smart enough to copy and paste. So here we try again.

Hard to believe it was about a year ago I started studying these message boards & mulling over all this knowledge on what to look for and think about in putting together a great system.

So here I am today with these pieces in place, and loving it even tho it isn't complete:
Pioneer Elite 45
Pair of GR10's
GR Center Channel
Pioneer DV563A DVD player

I'm at a point budgetwise where I can start thinking about rounding it out as a 5.1 system. Since my local MA dealer sold out a couple of months ago and the new ownership isn't going to carry MA any longer, looks like I'll have to do some long distance shopping. (Keif's perhaps?)I would really have liked to bring home a pair of the 10's and a pair of 20's to see if the extra , and considerable! expense of the 20's is worth it but now I can't. No dealers within couple hundred miles or more. I'm very tempted to go with the 10's but I'd like to hear from others who could tell me what I might be missing, if that makes sense.
Current room is on the small side 16 x 18, which makes me think 10's 'll be okay. Tastes are 90 music / 10 movies.

And a sub. What do you think about the HSU STF -1 with the above? Or other suggestions in 300-400 price range?


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If you can afford the 20' and a floorstander is appropriate to your room acoustics I would buy them. I absolutely love the Gold 20 and envy anyone who has the room for them. As to the sub it's a shame that MA's subs are so expensive. You have mentioned a good one for the money; also look at Velodyne and Paradigm PDR and PS series. I especially like the Paradigm PS1000 for the money.

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Thanks for the input. There is a Paradigm dealer nearby, I can check into the PS1000.

It may get a little cozier in the room but not bad, there would be room for the 20's without having to crowd 'em in - is that what you mean by ".....and a floorstander is appropriate to your room acoustics. . . " ?? The room has w/w carpet, sheet-rocked walls.

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Yes, that's what I meant. Sounds like you have the space and the right acoustics for a floorstanding model. My living room is pretty lively with wood floors and not a lot of damping elements so I need bookshelf speakers on stands. I am sure I have talked to you before about your system and I also have the Elite 45 and MA Silver system using the 2's as mains. I have thought about upgrading to the Gold 10 but I really like the 2's and don't think it would make much since to change, at least for now. Hope to hear what you decide.

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Yes,therealelitefan,I hold you partly responsible for my equipment choices. Especially where the Elite 45 is concerned. Hawk,G-Man, there were others, too.

Honestly, I went into the store focused on the Bronze line because it was most in line with my budget. And these folks didn't even carry the Silver-went straight from Bronze to Gold. Which is really too bad. Anyway, I was quite impressed with the Bronze (but then again who wouldn't be side-by-side with comparabley priced Klipsh and Boston Acoustics??? Sorry. Don't mean to offend anyone) but then I made the "mistake" of going upstairs to listen to GR 10's and 60's. Well, there was no turning back after that. I made a decision to invest in a system that I knew would thrill me for many years to come. Sort of like a marriage, isn't it? ;)

I'm leaning towards the 20's. Which means the purchase will have to be put off 'til next year, after Christmas and so forth. That's okay, good things are worth waiting for. I'll pop in with an update after I've done the deed. Thanks again.


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Kathy...nothing wrong with waiting for what you really want and yes we need more women like you, lol :-)
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