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I am a new in audio world. I have two Polk rti10 speakers. I will use my system 20% for Karaoke. Any receiver has two microphone ports and well match with my speakers? What else I need for a good Karaoke result? Which subwoofer is best to match the speakers?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks in advance.

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How much are you willing to spend?
First you are going to need a karaoke player. Check out the JVC and Pioneer line as they have on of the better karaoke machines for home use. There is also Vocopro, musically they suck lemons but excellent karaoke machines and make you sound like (pardon the pun) a pro. Make sure that they are capable of playing CD+G and VCDs. DVD karaokes are also good but they can get pricey, plus they don't sound any better than a good CD+G. This is the machine that you need to plug in your microphones and NOT the receiver.
As far as the receiver is concerned, you are going to need something that can perform well in stereo and something that has hefty power supplies and ample headroom. If you go cheap, you have to watch out how loud you want to play your karaoke, because if the vocal performer has a powerful voice and good range, you will send your receiver to the clipping range even if the volume knob is not turned up high.
As far as microphones are concerned, again try not to buy the kind you can get for $20, you get what you pay for on these things. The Shure SM58 is a good choice but not economical for just home use, but they are very dynamic. Check out the offerings from Pro2 and Vocopro, they make some great mics and pretty well made and not prone to a lot of feedback like cheap mics.
For subs, check out HSU, SVS or Velodyne.
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