New HK, Marantz or Pio 1014?


landroval and others...

I'm in the market for a receiver. My budget is $430-$760 out the door. I don't necessarily need a 6.1 or 7.1 receiver, but most of the new ones have either one of those anyway. I'm hoping to pair it up with an Ascend package (170 mains, 340c, 200 surrounds). I want a smooth sounding receiver. My room measures 15x20x9 roughly. I do want to have PLIIx (and one that can layer over DTS), prefer an auto-calibration feature (not a dealbreaker though), do not care for THX. I have the following in mind:

HK 430
HK 630
HK 335
HK 435
Marantz 7400 or the new x500 series(?)
...or save a few bucks and go with the Pio 1014

Help me make a sound choice.

...oh and more thing, I will be doing mostly 90-95% HT and 5-10% music


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Audition them and take the one you feel is the best for you. I think the most interesting models are the new SR7500 and AVR435.

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I agree with the audition comment. I would also add Pioneer Elite, I think this could be found for the range you give

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I picked up the pio for my dad, great receiver. it has parts from the elite 52X i beleive. so really your getting an elite for a 800cdn price point. the mcacc is great calibration for ur speakers. all in all audition them and see what u like.

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not a search on here for previous discussions of this

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I chose the Marantz 7400 for my Home Theater. I liked the number of digital optical inputs, the variable input assignment to channels and the control over sub woofer and channels. ALL are good receivers with many fans. I received an early 7400 with the bias problem and the company surprised me with their responsiveness in replacing it with a new unit.
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