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Thanks for all your previous help on various issues. Another question regarding my NAD 773(Probably very stupid). My old TV has never had good volume. I hooked it up to my receiver (as per your suggestions). To get any decent volume, I have to get the volume to under -10 db which is pretty high. My CD player is also more than a decade old and the volume/power is quite there (not quite -10 bb but close to get any type of loud/powerful play). However the tuner, which is obviosuly built in to the receiver is much louder. Does the volume depend on the component i.e. the CD player and TV as much as the receiver? Is it ok to leave it on at such high volumes? Also, I only have 2 monitor audio radius 90s and a center monito 180. I don't have surrounds or a sub yet. Does the sub make a hugedifference in volume/power or is it just bass? Thanks guys,

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I will take on part of your questions. There is no concern in having to turn your receiver up and above -10 db, if my memory serves me right I think THX actually recommends that 0 db is the setting needed to achieve recommened listening levels for movies(I think is right, but check it). Obviously the higher you turn up the volume the more stress you place on the receiver, the one you have is certainly capable of handling it.

I don't know what efficiency level your speakers are but I would imagine that it might be in the mid 80's (not a bad thing) and that might be the cause. My speakers are rated at 86 db and require me turning my volume up to -15 db for a "loud" listening level. You may like it loud as well, I am not to demanding when it comes to high levels of sound.

Your question in regards to a sub is a bit confusing, a sub will add the lower frequencies and will add a higher level of sound as a result. It will not add a higher level of upper frequencies if that is what you are asking.

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Robert, a sub will make the volume seem louder. I had a situation where the sub had accidentally been unplugged and I was wondering why my set up did not have punch. The addition of a sub will add many things: you can set your speakers to small and it will add lower frequency that is now missing. You should not worry about going to -10 and if you did get a better source, you will have more volume. Different CDs will seem different volume and the same is true for DVDs. I have had some DVDs where the dialogue is really low and the background music is overwhelming at the same volume. The nice remote you get with the NAD allows for tweaking with the sub/center/surr at the bottom. I often have to tweak the receiver during a movie. Also, it is a good idea to get a spl meter from Radio Shack to set up your speakers on an even par.

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You guys are the best!! Also, is there a reason that at times I get volume from the two fronts and center but at other times, only from the center and one front? Does that depend on the source? Since I hooked up my tv through my digital cable box, tall three speakers work no problem but sometims on CDs, it only works out of one of the fronts? Its not a speaker problem b/c like I said it works many times.
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