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Hi all
For the past two months I ve been trying to decide on a speaker - amp combination that would be capable of performing equally well on both movies and music.
I began with what seemed to be most logical to me :How much I am going to spend .That would be in the range of 2000 euros,with 2200 being the absolut top.
(Sadly in Greece where I live,this kind of products is rather much more expensive than other countries)
Anyway,I am overwhelmed.I have only decided on the amp ,which will be the Yamaha RXV-650.
Regarding the speakers..well I have several configurations in mind
1) Tannoy DC2 , DC , JM LAB Chorus 707 ,Dali AW 10
2) Acoustic Energy Evo 3 ,Evo Center, B&W 602S3 ,Dali AW 10
3) Tannoy DC1 , DC ,JM LAB Chorus 707 ,Dali AW 10
4) Klipsch RF 15 , Tannoy DC , B&W 602S3 ,Dali AW 10
5) Energy C5 >> >> >>
And of course add the respective sets corresponding to the main speakers for each of my choice .
As you can see the only thing I am positive I ll buy is the sub by Dali..
Lately I discovered also the Magnepan speakers (the MMG series) (though I dont know anything about their prices yet) ,which also seem extremely good from reviews Ive heard.
I have so far listened the first two of my four main choices and found them satisfying .
And now my questions
a.Keeping in mind that I am a newbie ,please tell me your opinion on the combinations I have in my mind (that means ok,they might be criminally idiotic but dont rub it on my face :D )
b.Any more suggestions?
c.Your opinion on the Magnepans?
d. Would you rather suggest combinations of the same brand speakers rather than different?

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Hi i really need help and really fast!!! I don't have much money to spare so i was thinking of mixing a 4ohms car subwoofer with a 6 or 8ohms horn for a 2 way DJ speaker, i wanted to know if that would even work or if i am in danger of damaging the reciever i'm running it on. Please i need a response ASAP I do not have much time until i have to start building it

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Sorry i also forgot to include my other question which is if mixing those two different speakers with different ohms onto the same crossover would work because they are going to be in the same box

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Hawk would probably be the best person to talk to regarding the Magnepans. I have not heard them, but from what I hear they are absolutely incredible speakers, you have to be careful with placement of these speakers as well as what amp you use to drive them since these speakers are 4 Ohm
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