Fix older AR speakers or toss em?


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I was recently given some older (10-13 yr) 3-way Acoustic Research floor speakers. They were very good speakers my friend say at the time approx 300 a piece. I recently plugged them in after them having set for quite some time, one mid-range is shot and both need new foam rings. The tweeters (titanium/liquid cooled I believe) and woofers sound great. Unfortunately I cannot find a model # and I took the mid range out and no rating is listed. From a economical view I would love to be able to keep and use them, as I remember at one time they were great speakers. Can I buy a new midrange somewhere with the correct rating that would be worthwhile and some new foam or should I toss em and make a very heavy stop for my garbage man. Any help is greatly appreciated

J. Vigne
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You can try AR as a source for the mid. It is best to stay with AR drivers as they made and used their own drivers instead of buying from another source as most manufacturers do. You can get a kit to repair the surrounds or have a speaker repair shop do it for you. Check with the pro sound shops for who performs this service in your area. I would stay with the original AR design or else remove all components and use the cabinet for a completely new set of drivers form a kit company such as Madisound or one of the many on the web.


Gary Wright
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I just bought a replacement tweeter for my 20 year old AR-15s from:, but did not answer my email.

You can get the woofer surrounds from:

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