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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this I wished I could have gotten onto the thread where this was addressed, but I figure maybe this could come up for those looking for the samsung DVD-HD841 connection to your TV.
Anyways I am a stay at home Mom and just couldn't go to sleep last night til this thing was hooked up!
This site was how I was able to hook it up, but no easy task. So I am going to make it as easy as possible.
My husband and I had the cables hooked up according to the diagram in the book for our Hitachi 46F510, diagramed as the Laser disc player, then the Digital video plugged in. This is where we got confused on the instructions, but with reading over this site over and over I figured out with the help of the Forum, the 10 second rule was when I got to component (P-Scan)& DVI then hit enter, I had to push and hold down the enter button in that 10 seconds to see another screen to choose the save set up (left arrow button) and pick yes, it took a couple tries, but within a a few minutes of my frustrated Husband going to bed, I did it!
I can see how this picture was not printed in the Samsung instruction book due to it's quick window of oportunity to get it to stick. I didn't have anything on the screen once it did stick, because I was on Video 4, so that is how I knew I got it, when I switched over to video 1 there it was!
Then I didn't have any sound til I took out the cables from video 4. Had to go get Husband out of bed...LOL
Then I was able to make the adjustments for 720p.
I am so amazed at the difference.
My kids are watching Leap Frog - Word Factory, and I gotta tell you yesterdays picture was definately not as good as todays and the kids even notice the difference..... Thanks so much to Jacob and all the rest of the posters who were so clear at trying to make the installation as easy as possibe.
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