NAD HTR-2 Remote - problems


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Having a strange problem with this remote, wondering if anyone else has experienced it...

I've got the remote programmed to control all of my components, and until today it's been working very well (I've had it a couple of weeks). Tonight, though, it began acting up. When I select a device using a key at the top, and then begin using other keys to control my components, it works only about 50% of the time. Then it freezes up for a few seconds, and reverts to controlling the receiver again. It's frustrating - I'll have to go dig up my old remotes again.

Has anyone experienced this? Any thoughts?


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The remote comes with crappy batteries. Try changing your batteries.

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Thanks Jonathan!

It seemed like it could be a battery thing, but after just 2 weeks of use this was hard to imagine... I'll try good batteries and see if that helps.

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Username: Jonmoon

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Every remote I have seen comes with "heavy duty" batteries and not the akaline etc. The HTR-2 remote is great but probably sucks battery life. Its the only remote my wife has been able to use and handles TiVo, the NAD, a DVD/CD player, the TV and a VCR. It is nice to have a single remote that can control everything. I had the same thing happen. The clue is when you press the DVD button (or whatever) and then the command and the AMP button lights up. That means: change the batteries.

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Will I had the exact same thing, couldn't believe it was the batteries after only 2 weeks but it was.....

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To have the HTR-2 not suck so much battery, it is recommended to set the length of the "light-up" period short. Two seconds is default, 0 will disable it completely.

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Great info - thanks for all the help and advice. A fine set of good ol' Duracell's seemed to do the trick - it's working perfectly now.

I'm with you Jonathan - this remote is amazing, so I don't mind replacing the batteries a bit more often. Hopefully not every 2 weeks, though...

I will change the light-up period to something shorter - the 2 seconds seems really long anyway.

THANK YOU again for your help. I've spent hours on this site since I started shopping for a new receiver and it has been a huge help at every step.
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