Just completed my system!!!


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Well guys, I just got it all set up last night!!!

I am running the Mordaunt Short 500 Series THX setup with and NAD T763 (for now), I have a toshiba 4800 DVD/DVD-A player (It's not too bad) and I have this paired with a Toshiba 34" 16:9 CRT (all this in a "just right" sized room)

I also bought a Monster Powerbar 1100 to keep it all safe and give me some clean AC. Considering I have about $6000 cdn into it a couple hundred spent on good protection is worth every penny.

I am sure most of you like larger TV's but I can't lie....this one is perfect for me. It's the right size for the room and it has WAF going for it. Fantastic picture, I just love a good CRT on Hi-Def.

Anyhow I will give listening impressions once I get the Speakers/AMP broken in....I had it running all night....and I will run it in for about a week straight....

So far....I must say the 2x 10" subs are fantastic.....there is a HUGE sub sweet spot, and you don't need to push your sub so hard if you have 2 of them. fantastic.

I am still going to try out a marantz SR-18 and compare....but even if the NAD gives up a little in Sound to it, the NAD is still FAR more user friendly. It really is a joy to work with.

I am not worried though the NAD is no slouch! I am loving every moment of it!

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Enjoy your system. I have the T763 and love it. Really easy to use and the remote is great. Make sure you default the backlight time on the remote down because otherwise the batteries will go quickly.

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hey TJ, the toshiba tv you have is it the hfx84? ive been debateing whether or not to get it.
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