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I currently power my Studio 60's with NAD 762 and love the sound. I am using moderate sized speaker cables (don't know exact guage) and have them bare connected to receiver and speaker with standard format. My question is would it be worth it to upgrade to very good speaker cable and bi-wire them, or does it not make that big a difference? It would mean re-running speaker wire under a carpet so it would not be an easy job, but advice to efficacy would be appreciated.

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Pete...there are many differing thoughts in regards to bi-wiring and higher end cables. I can only say that I believe some speakers will benefit from bi-wiring and some will not. I noticed a considerable amount of difference when I bi-wired my Wharfedales. As far as cables I would say that a good set of cables can be had at a reasonable price, if Bestbuy is near you then check out Acoustic Research. They are cheaper than Monster cables and I feel they are equal in sound quality

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An inexpensive way to try first would be to replace the binding post clips that came with the speakers. Use a 12 or 14 gauge wire with spades on the end or bare wire, whichever you choose. See how that sounds. The clips are cheap that come with the speakers so replacing them might make a difference. You can also get some banana plugs or use spades, whichever you choose for the wires to your 60's and the clip replacements. I do not believe there is any difference in sound whether you use spades, banana plugs or bare wire. The connectors are just easier for taking cables on and off.

I did notice a difference when I went to 14 gauge tributaries wire and bi wired my Studio 20's. The sound was noticably clearer than with using monster cable non biwired with the clips supplied by Paradigm. I spent over $100 just replacing cables for the mains and center.

There are some who have had good results with replacing the clips. It is cheap and if the sound improves then there may be no need to buy all the extra cabling and connectors.

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