Female needs help ! Speakers for the HK230


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Hello guys,
Not much woman in this forum! Wonder why...
Anyway, I need your help to decide on brand new equipment for my confort. I am looking at the HK230 for receiver(low budget but it's a start)and want to know what speakers to match. I've heard quite a few diferent brands and up to now, the Polk RTi8 are my favorite. I might go to the RTi10 if your reviews incite me to. Also, I would go with the matching central and bookshelf speakers. Only thing is the subwoofer, I heard what the cheapest of Polk can do and did not like it. It didn't make my cheast fell the low frequencies. What do you think ? Please give me your advise and do you think the HK230 is a good choice.
Merci !!!

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HK is a good choice for your price range. Polk or Infinity sound very good with HK. If you are going to use bookshelf speakers make sure they are near ear level (speaker stands work well for this) and the distance between each speaker and your seating position is similar.

As you cited, it is a good idea to match your speakers so the tonal balance is consistent. Subwoofers are a little more difficult. It is hard to find a good one inexpensively. I really haven't heard a sub that I like under $500. You are doing the right thing though, in auditioning all this equipment. Find what sounds good to you and enjoy!

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Marie...If I am not mistaken the Polks you are considering (nice speakers by the way) are about $315 a piece assuming you are in the U.S.
Adding a decent sub will cost in the neighborhood of $500 giving you a total of $1115. I would suggest taking a look into the Definitive Technology BP7006 at $599 a piece with built in powered subwoofers. These speakers would easily outperform the Polk's in my opinion and it would solve the subwoofer issue as far as cost is concerned. If your budget would allow an addition $400 you could step up to the BP7004's at $1598 for both. These are incredible speakers, they are consistanly ranked among the best speakers in this and higher price ranges. Checked out the reviews in this forum and also in magazines. Def Tech's website has some of the reviews posted there.

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I forgot to mention that they will pair up well with the receiver you mention. I don't know if you pplan on purchasing the AVR receiver in a local shop, but if you look at prices online you might be able to find an AVR 330 for the same price as a AVR 230 in stores
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