Info on new Cambridge Audio receivers?


Does anyone know anything more about these?

While searching for information on AV Receivers, I stumbled upon two new releases in the Cambridge Audio Azur line, the 540R AV Receiver and the 540V DVD Receiver. They are not mentioned on the CA website, but I have found two dealer sites with scanty details. One Canadian site quotes a price of CAD999 (about USD770) for either, with the 540V including speakers in that price. See

for what information that they have. I emailed them and they said that there will be more info posted in a few days, with stock expected by the end of the month.

For those who don't know Cambridge Audio, they are a UK company known for relatively good yet inexpensive equipment (somewhat like NAD).

Standard disclaimer: I am not associated with the dealers or company, I am just providing info for those interested.

No one seems to have anything to say on this, but just in case someone is interested, I got the following information from the dealer today. It's still a bit vague ...

540R Azur 6.1 Audio Video Receiver

The centrepiece of Cambridge Audio's stunning new Azur multi-channel range, the 540R has been designed to deliver outstanding picture and sound quality.

Elegantly housed in stylish new casework, with a substantial aluminium front panel and acoustically damped chassis, the 540R affords an impressive array of features and functions. The ergonomic remote control which comes as standard, is perfectly contoured and controls all the features of this AV powerhouse.

Compatible with the latest Home Cinema formats, the 540R packs a mighty 80 Watts RMS across each of its six channels. The FM/MW tuner offers the convenience of 40 station presets and RDS functionality.

The 540R features a host of inputs and outputs to provide flexible connectivity and set-up. A full range of video switching options are also fitted, allowing the amplifier to act as a hub unit for composite S-VHS and component video sources and enabling simultaneous picture and sound control.

It's time to say goodbye to yesterday's AV system and hear how the Azur 540R can revolutionize your Home Cinema experience.

Key features of the 540R AV receiver:

o Powerful - 80 Watts RMS at 8 ohms - discrete amplifier set-up across six channels
o Latest digital surround sound processors create a spectacular 6.1 Home Cinema
o Acoustically damped chassis provides a resonance-free foundation improving sonic performance
o Decoders capable of processing:
. Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS ES 6.1 enabled movies
. DTS 5.1
. Dolby Pro-Logic and Pro-Logic II
o Comprehensive array of analogue and digital inputs and outputs:
. Component, S-Video and composite connections
. Electrical and optical digital inputs and outputs
. 6.1 inputs and outputs
. Six line level inputs with a tape monitor
o Elegant, slim-line Azur remote control with aluminium top panel offers rapid access to all the 540R's features

Update on the 540V:

The speakers included seem to be Gale HT405.1 - standard HTIB fare (not unexpectedly). They boast a "subwoofer" that does 40-150Hz, with satellites picking up at 150Hz-20kHz.
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