Denon AVR 1804 vs ARCAM AVR 200


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I'm looking to make a new home theater system. I currently have a 55" HDTV and want to put a decent speaker system to it. The system will mostly be used for movies, ~ 95%/ 5% movies. I want to spend about $1500 on a 6.1 speaker setup ,not counting a sub, maybe a bit more.

i went to a local store and the guy showed me the 2 receivers and a totem acoustic speaker setup. the speakers are a bit out of my price range, unless i splurge, but the 2 receivers looked pretty good. Any thoughts on these 2, or a better one.
thanks for the opinions.

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i just did the same thing you did. I went & purchased the 1804 with the Energy Encore system. The speakers are great. purchased for 1,000.00 1804 = 500.00. The speakers are 2 front 2 rear similar speakers & Sub woofer, great sound. Although I'am returning the 1804 becuase I want a more crisp sound for my theater room. I'am looking at the yamaha, do not know what series yet. Thanks let m eknow what you decide on, email

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The Arcam is most definitely a league above the Denon, but it is only 5.1. In the coming year, although the AVR 200 is still very good, it will be replaced by a newer model AVR 300?). I would suggest Yamaha, Onkyo, Denon or HK for receivers. If you want to take a small step upline... peak at the high end of these lines or the Integra (Onkyo's upline). Just be careful with the Totem speakers, they are more difficult to match with a receiver and you want to make sure that you get every dollar out of those at that price!

As for speakers, I am running Klipsch. A very "Crisp", Real sound with a beleviable soundstage. However, Energy are a great combo with the Yamaha receivers. (I am running Energny and Yamaha in my living room in 5.1 format). Also take a peak at the Mirage to pair up with any of the recveiver mentioned.

Bottom line is that you have to listen for yourself and make your own decisions based upon what you like! For reference sake, below are some suggestions (not knowing what your buget is):

Denon 2803 or 3803
Yamaha 1400 or 1500
Onkyo TX-SR701 or TX-NR801
Harmon Kardon KF630 or 7200
Integra DTR-6.4 or DTR-7.4

Mirage - OMni Series
Energy Take 5, Encore or e:Xl
Klipsch Reference 25's or 35's.

Hope this helps!
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