Small or cube speakers for HK AVR 230


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I just picked up a HK AVR 230 as a start for a Home theather system - I've gone through 3 Home theater in a box mini systems and am sick of that crap! (they ALL broke!)

I started with what I thought was a pretty good entry level reciever - the HK avr 230 and now need speakers and a sub. I'd like to start with the sub and then get some speakers later in the year.

I've posted a question in the sub section about how to go about finding a decent sub, and I'd like to post the same here for speakers! For now I'll be using the cube speakers from my last HTIB system - a sony "dream" system (which was NOT a dream at all...)

Can someone suggest a good starting spot when looking for speakers? Quality is important - name brand is not - and I'd like to stick around $500 - $700 bucks for all the speakers including the sub.

What are some good brands, and within those brands are there models to stay away from?


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Audition some Athena Technologies speakers. They have a Point 5 Mk II model that is on sale at Best Buy for $359.99 and a subwoofer, the ASP-300 for $269.99 which is within your budget at $629.98. An overall great speaker system that should match well with your AVR-230.
The build quality is excellent on these speakers and the sound is way beyond what the Sony Home-Theater-In-A-BAG can offer. Try them out, you will love them.

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Thanks for the hit! I'll take them for a spin tonight - I wonder if I can bring in my reciever ... Hummm....

Anyone else have experience with the Athena Point 5 Mk II speaker set?

I'll also need a "center Rear" speaker. The HK AVR 230 has 6 "speakers" and a sub (don't know the correct terms here - sorry). Do I just get another speaker like the front ones or another center one for the back????


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Let us know how you like them.
I am considering purchasing them as well, but with the ASP-400 sub. I have been impressed by what I have heard to date.

What other receivers did you look at?
What made you pick the AVR230?
I am looking at the AVR230 also.

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I'm also looking at the Ventriloquist VT-12 system with a stF-1 sub - But I'd like to hear stuff running from my reciever if possible before I buy!

I also looked at the onkyo hts-760 but decided against it because the wife said it looked too '80s! No kidding. Also heard (and who knows if it's true) the the onkyo amps were not as well built as the AVR - AVR came into play because wife pointed at the $1500 model (which looks the same - I forget the model number) and said that it looked cool. SOme research showed good build quiltiy and in general satisfied folks - I also saw that the AVR 325 was a real nice system too... more features and lower price (last years model I think)...

I'm such a newbie at this, but being burned by 3 HTIB systems (sony and panasonic) I'm frickin mad as hell and want to get something that will last more than a year (and sound good!) I'll post more as time goes on - hope to test out the Athena tonight!

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Went to best buy - god awful set up. brought my receive and 5 differnet kinds of music/dvds ... NO ONe around to help me at all. I tried to listen to the Point5 and the klipsch quintet but the JBL system in the other "room" kept defaulting to a rap song and the sub was "popping" - I finally went in and disconnected it. Then I spent some time running from the Athena to the Klipsch kiosk trying to listen to the same thing on eaash system - some movie shorts were playing -

the Kilpsch soundsed "better" to me - a bit wider - but it might have been some sort of "echo" effect on the reciever. Again - I couldn't find anyone to help me conare the two. I left in fustration... I'll try again at a different store.

I wish I could hear or hear from someone who has the Ventriloquist VT-12 system from HSU ... anyone?

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