H/K AVR330 vs. NAD T753


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I am planning to buy a new reciever for my system. My main priority is tht it sounds good white playing music rather than being godd at HT sound (although i also want the HT features). Most of the reviews i have read about these two recievers says that they both sounds good in stereo mode.

The H/K seems to have a little more features but the NAD looks better. The H/K is almost 150 EUR cheaper and i would love to get some help...

Can someone help he to decide?

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In my opinion the H/K is less detailed than the NAD. H/K is warm, full and punchy, but also a little muddy and have a slight pave-the-way feeling (this is very exaggerated but you get the idea). On the other hand NAD is more balanced, it's sligthly less bassy, but very revealing and musical. NAD's are still like stereo-amps with HT-capabilities. H/K AVR430 would be a better match to NAD in terms of sound quality.

I would add the new Marantz SR7500 to the list. It has great features, but should also sound very good with music. The Smart Class-A feature looks interesting.

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NAD gets my vote here. I use mine for both music and HT, and in music modes... it has rivaled two channel tube setups. That's not just from my mind though... other professionals said that to me as well. Go have a listen to both. Whichever pulls you into the music better - buy it.

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Nad also gets my vote.

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Nad would be my vote too for overall sound. They are so dang pedestrian looking though. I think I would have to wrap it in a shroud to enjoy the music as much as the HK. Of course, some would say the same for the HK. Thats what makes it all so interesting!

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I read a thread about a hiss from the NAD reciever and wonder if this still is a problem?
Someone mentioned that this reciever is made in China and that the built quality is worse there than in other countries (sounds ab bit strange but still).

Has anyone heard anything abuot a hiss from the H/K reciever?

Thanks to all of you for helping me out!

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Have you heard any of these?
I like the NAD in stereo, but both are excellent receivers. Try them out and decide which ones you like.

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Pioneer Elite and Marantz are a good alternative to NAD AV reveivers. However, if you have difficult inefficient speakers to drive you better get the NAD.

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HK is certainly nice, however, I believe NAD makes the best receivers in the $1200 and below market. They're best competition would probably be Rotel. Definately not in the same price range though.
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