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I am curious if I have to set the Speakers to Small on the T763 to get the Subs to work in Stereo mode via LFE Output, or can I set them to large and still get Sub.

Also I saw that NAD was releasing V2.0 of the firmware, are they already past that? Will any NAD authorized dealer update me for free @ purchase time?

Any help here would be great.

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I just saw a previous post sort of covering the software side. If I get a unit that is pre v.2 can I get it upgraded and will that include the improved bass options?...if so what are those options?

If all I miss out on is DPLIIx then I don't really care.

One other thing. I see no mention in any literature that the T763 supports DTS NEO Discreet 6.1 yet almost every reciever costing 1/3 less than it does support it, or says so clearly anyhow. It makes no mention of it that I can see, Is it really important?

I am sounding like a total no0b but this will clear a few things up for me......sometimes you gotta get back down to the basics so you can get back on top.

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Hmm, well the product info for the T763 on the NAD homepage mentions support for the following:
Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Digital ProLogic IIx, ProLogic IIx, DTS, DTS ES, DTS NEO:6, Matrix 7.1, EARS, Enhanced Stereo Surround Modes
DTS ES, which the T763 has, handles DTS 6.1 Matrix and DTS 6.1 Discrete decoding.

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The v2 will use the sub even if your speakers are set large, if you want to of course.

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Are you sure....often DTS ES and Discreet are mentioned seperately....I just want to be sure that DTS ES includes the Discreet 6.1 spec.

It does not appear that the

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You can find out about various DTS technologies here:

This spells out the features that DTS ES and other DTS variants provide.

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yeah I checked it looks good. Thanks for the Info guys.

I have settled on the T763 right now...I am doing an in home demo!
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