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hi all, i am a newbie in hifi and need help in speaker recommendations. currently using rotel ra-02 amp/ rcd-02 cdp and some hand me down japanese speakers. i find that the sound very lacking in emotion and sound staging is missing.

i listen mostly to vocals and musicals with the occasional pop/rock retro piece so warmth of sound is important and yes "bass" is important to me. the shop i brought from recommends epos m12.2... but i was looking at cheaper alternatives like ma bronze b-2. would prefer a set of bookshelves since my listening area is quite small... thanks!

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try looking at the Ascend Acoustics cbm 170. Excellent sounding speakers, with the qualities you seek.

Rotel is an excellent amp and carries a hefty price tag. To compliment your system I would try the Mobius loudspeaker by Artistic Audio. The MSRP is $3500, but you can get it for around $2800 through Check out the specs of the Mobius at

If you're looking for something a little more affordable and want to wait until January, Studio-E will be releasing their new Series 310 line of home theater system speakers. Canyon Audio will be retailing these for around $800/pair. Thanks

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Personally, I think Anonymous is barking up the wrong tree. The Rotel components you have bought are in the $600 range each. Your dealer had it right when he suggested the EPOS speakers. They're very musical, pacey and enjoyable, but you must buy them with the EPOS stands. Any other stand just doesn't seem to work as well. I know, I've tried.

Alternatives would be:

Dynaudio Audience 42, another small bookshelf with a big punch, but not the larger Dynaudios which are too difficult to drive.

AVI Neutron 4: Tiny speaker with a very big heart.


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Rotel and Dynaudio 42's make an excellent match. very detailed and although relaxed present an excellent midrange. I have not heard EPOS with Rotel, but with Arcam they sounded very open especially in the midrange.

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I have both Dynaudio 42s and a Rotel receiver, the RX-1050, so I know both sounds very well. Now, your Rotel combo is a good one, but the sound of the amp can be a bit on the hard side, so I like a warm speaker to take the edge off, but also a speaker which has a lot of detail as the Rotel amp is going to produce a lot of detail. I find the Epos 12.2s a bit too bright for my tastes and I do not think the 12.2s are nearly the speaker that the near legendary Epos 12s were (the 12.2s are s big revision of the 12s, so don't buy the line that they are merely updated the 12s--it is an almost all new speaker). The Dynaudios are not bright but they are a little too forward for the Rotel, IMO. Nevertheless, it is a superb speaker (I use mine with my NAD HT receiver and they are a great match!).

Without knowing what you want to spend, I would recommend a couple of different speakers. First, if your budget suggests keeping to a price close to your Rotel components, I recommend the NHT SB-3s, which are bookshelf speakers and was the reference bookshelf speaker for Stereophile magazine. Very smooth, detailed and non-fatiguing, you can listen to these speakers all day and enjoy every minute. I priced them for $475/pair ($600/pr. full retail).

If you are willing to spend a little more (as suggested by your consideration of the Epos), then I recommend the Paradigm Studio 20s (approx. $800/pr.). Sound is very similar to the NHTs, but I think they are even a bit smoother sounding. Try them both and see what works best for your ears.

Good luck!

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Welcome back. Long time no hear - hope all has been okay. The forum has missed your sage advice.


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Ditto, Hawk.

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To Hawk and all - yes, I would seriously consider the Paradigm studio 20s - I have a pair and the sound for classical and jazz is very "even" and smooth. The only drawback to them is that they use a vinyl cabinet - not real wood. If that matters to you. Grain is excellent, however, so the look isn't that different.

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Great to see you back my friend. I echo your advice about the Studio 20. Perfect match with Rotel. I am wondering if you have been able to keep up with this forum in the recent past and if so your reaction to my unusual favorable comments about the newer Yamaha 1400/2400 and the new 1500/2500. As you know I have blasted Yamaha regularly but I must admit I liked the 2400 with the Paradigms and the 2500 should be better now that it will include a direct mode. Not that I am going to replace my Elite 45 with one but it's nice to be able to offer another alternative in the right situation. Hope you respond and talk to you later.

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Hey, thanks guys! It is really good to be back on the forum and chatting with my friends! Been very busy of late, both taking my daughter to a number of colleges that are offering her an athletic scholarship (soccer) to helping my in-laws move to CO from CA. I think I have finally had a chance to come up for air!


I have not been able to keep up with the forum, much to my dismay, so I have not seen your comments on the Yammies. Certainly, I do agree the x400s are a big improvement over the x300s (which sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!). I have not seen much new equipment of late due to the many things I have been doing, so I have not heard or seen the Yammie x500s. As I have long been impressed with your judgement, I will make a point of seeking them out. I will say parenthetically that I have been extremely pleased with my NAD T753 (which replaced my Denon 3803), so I also have no desire to change my electronics, either. When its right, its right, so don't mess with it is what I believe!


How are the Ohm speakers? I still find them to be intriguing, possibly to make them my mains.

hey everybody, NHT the super audio series are pretty detailed and sound good, but like to know what amp is best suited to give a true cinema experience. my room is 25sq meters. thankyou.
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