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Hey people,
Here is my current system,
1) Hifi - aiwa nsx990 (display is but has some life left in it)
2) CAR AMP -- blaupunkt 600 watt (Max power into 4 ohms, 4 x 110/2 x 300 W
- RMS power into 4 ohms, 4 x 55 W/2 x 150 W)
3) 2 NAKAMICHI 10inch subs spw10 (400 watts max each)

I listen to alot of music from my comp.. have onboard soundstorm on my asus mobo
I connect my soundcard through aux on my hifi and link the outs to the my car amp, it plays pretty good but thers a constant hum on it...I don't know if its my power supply ... coz I got it custum built from my friend (dunno whats in there)

Im shifting to a new house in december and my room there is pretty small (12x11)
So I don't want such big equipment there.. coz my boombox with the supply n amp takes up a lot of space in my room coz they r all seprate and ive been hopeing to get a good clean n loud home theater system in my room...or like a 2.1 system but it needs to sound good with good bass aswell.. im kinda new to this.. so I was hoping u guys would recommend me things...or if I should just make some changes my setup n all should be good... I don't know about ne kind of speaker placement right now im short of space so all of it is just like in a corner .... lol

1) should I sell all of my system (AND) get a new HOME THEATER + AV RECIEVER or
2) KEEP my subs n amp (get a new hifi) chek whats wrong with my powersupply if nething is) how do I get rid fo the hiss ne ways ..
3) If there r ne changes ... what should be done
4) And if u recommend a home theater... what chocies would be suitable for my room size (12x11)
5) Can I custum build the boombox n fix my setup (hifi, car subs + car amp) if a diff way ??

I know my situation is kinda a dumb one.. but im really confused... I want to watch good movies in my room probably will get a tv... 21 or more inches ...since a lcd is not a good option to watch films on... what do u guys think I should do... thanx people...

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lol.. come on people! help!!!!

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Sell everything and get a decent home theater system.
What is your budget?

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i have a 500$ budget right room is a small one 12x11 so i think that should be enough..i want to connect my entire audio setup to my comp... also ill be gettin a dvd player + 21'inch tv later on.. so i dont mind a 6.1 or a 5.1 setup! i was thinkin of the onkyo ht-S760... or maybe a Yamaha RX-V550 ..or a Onkyo TX-SR502.... with a pair of bookshelf speakers though...and .. do i need a centre + sub?

but with 500$ where do u think i should begin?

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Try the Athena Micra 6. If you want 5.6 or 6.1 set up, you will need a center and a sub.
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