Need a Home Theater Setup!!!


hey guys im lookin into buyin a home theater setup...i don't want to get the 5.1 or 7.1 or whatever i mainly want it to be loud. I was thinkin bout geting a stereo reciever and 2 big speakers, a Left and a Right. It will be going in a 20x20 room. I want it to be friggin loud!!! Ive gota sub already, 15" (which is a bit big, but ill turn it down). I guess what im askin for is a nice reciever to push 2 nice pa cabinets(a horn and a 12",would be best). Thanks...any suggestions please!!!

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Well since you didn't give a price range... I'd recommend the Martin Logan Statement E2s

coupled with the Sunfire Ultimate Receiver.


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well my price range is around 1000 dollars...for everything

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You want loud? You want Cerwin-Vega, like this model:

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hey i got a samsung home theatre with DVD and 5 speakers. i was wondering how to hook up the speakers to the TV wich only has 1 input (white and yellow) please answer someone!!!

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No need to hook the audio into the TV. All you need for inputs into the TV is for video. Either a standard (yellow) cord, an S-video connection (better), or component video connection (best - make sure you have the inputs - red/blue/green).

For TV sound to go through your home theatre you need an audio OUT jack on the TV. Some TVs do not have this so you may be limited unless you have a cable box like Direct TV with an audio out connection.

So you connect the audio out on the TV into the Video 1/2/3 whatever on the samsung DVD/receiver. Change the function to the input you chose on the DVD/receiver and you should have sound through the left and right channels. You won't get sound through all five channels unless that setup came with Pro Logic or another analog-surround simulator.
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