Queston about conrad johnson sa400


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I'm a newbie at the audiofile thing. A local dealer wants to hook me up with the sa400. Does anybody have an opinion on this? What is a reasonable price? Thanks!

J. Vigne
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All the Conrad Johnson pieces offer good fidelity to the original source. Their products, like most high end gear, have a sound that makes them identifiable as CJ amps. If this is the sound you think would work well in your system then you should try it in your system and make your decision based upon what you hear. Be aware that repair costs on a CJ, should it need repair, can be pricey. This is not unusual in the high end market and reflects the quality of parts used and the level of engineering expertise involved. There are other companies that offer very good sound quality for less money, but, in the long run CJ has been around long enough to justifiably say they are likely to be there when you need them, other companies may not be there after a few years. That is part of the value of a company in high end audio. On top of that CJ gear holds its value well.
That said, a fair price is what you are willing to pay for used equipment. A good system is not about how cheaply you buy the equipment.

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