Downsizing of woofers - good or bad?


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It seems to me, speaker companies are just cutting out subs all together or making them smaller because of the use of subwoofers now. I don't like the idea. I have full 15" woofers in my front speakers. They add to the total sound for me. I think they are just trying to cut corners for total cost. Whats your opinion?

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I think they are catering to a changing market. It is that market that keeps them in business after all. A lot of folks want smaller speakers that are non-obtrusive and not a focal point in their homes.
I'm "old school" myself, but I think the changes are positive.

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I agree. If you have a sub there is no need for a big, boomy, slow woofer in your mains. Proper bass in a woofer or sub should be quick and accurate and not muddy and boomy like most American speakers have historically been. IMO this is a great development.

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I agree with with elite on this one...By taking the sub out of the mains it allows better positioningg and focuses the mains on the mid/high range more so than before. I think this is a considerable improvement

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It only makes sense to define each frequency range between all drivers, which is very difficult in one big speaker box.

Subs are here to stay and I'm happy for it.
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