NEW Nad T763 problem - NOT YET discussed.


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I've been following the NAD threads for quite some time now... and I'm an owner of a T763.

First off, I'll admit that this is my third unit within a year... I started out with a 762 that was DOA with the digital "popping" issue. I then exchanged that unit for a new 762 (no questions asked) from an authorized dealer, that functioned flawlessly. After a couple of months I sold that one to upgrade to a 763.

I've had the 763 for about 4 months now, and have just discovered a new problem. My current unit is shutting down, or "recycling" intermittantly (and sometimes quite frequently) within moments of powering up. When I say recycling, I mean that from normal listening in ANY mode - the speaker relays click off, VFD display stays on and displays "NAD T763" (as it does on initial power-up), waits a moment, then turns speaker relays back on, and resumes normal operation. This has no set pattern, and the frequency of these cycles decreases as the time after power up increases. They can also happen within 1 to 2 seconds of each other, or have intervals of several minutes. It's as if someone is pushing the power button repeatedly over and over!! I have also tried operation under a variety of lighting conditions to rule out stray IR commands interfering with the unit.

Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? I am growing a little weary of these issues... but I do plan to hang in there with the NAD name. I guess I might need to consider moving on to unit #4.

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Well you still have your warranty, so I wouldn't hesitate in taking your new unit back. Usually official NAD dealers have to be of a certain standard, so you should have no probs there - but I guess you're already experienced in that regard :-)

I waited 3 weeks for my T763 to arrive after ordering it - had it for 3 weeks and had to take it back because it was faulty - I'm into my 3rd week of waiting for my replacement unit now. I'm completely fed up considering how much I paid for the unit and before I purchsed it I questioned the dealer on probs that the NAD might have they made it very clear that NAD are extremely keen in after sales support.

Personally I've lost faith in NAD. The sound of their recievers are very good, that's why I'm sticking to them for now. I'm just really annoyed by the tardiness of their after sales support.

Potential buyers beware! But that goes with any brand as well.

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Sounds like a firmware problem to me. Talk to your dealer and see if they have a more current firmware that you can upgrade to...which is relatively easy with the T763 by using the RS-232 port.

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I'm pretty sure that I have the latest firmware. Unit is not that old, and I waited an extra week for it so they coulld load the latest firmware into it before they shipped it. That was NAD's response to my complaining about the first 762, and the problems I had there! I'll check though... what IS the latest version? Anyone know?


First do a factory reset as follows:

With unit switched on press the VIDEO and TONE DEFEAT (right most key).
Display will show "AH RESET DONE".
Power off from rear panel mains switch and back on.
Unit is now reset.

Be sure that your unit is well vented with nothing sitting on top of it. The T763 uses a vertical cooling system so if you block the vents it may overheat.

Recheck your speaker connections. When the unit shuts down, if the power LED turns red, your unit is going into protection; this is usually caused by a partial short.

If these ideas did not work you should contact your NAD dealer.

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All these things have been tried several times. I am a certified installer, and also a certified Electronics Engineering Technologist - so I'm sure that all speaker connections are fine. To further that - this even happens when NOTHING is connected to the unit. Also - unit has 8" clearance on top, and 3" on each side - with 5" in back. Even if it was NOT well vented, I'm sure that it wouldn't overheat within 30 seconds of power up. I'll see what else I can try, and keep ya posted. ;)

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Anyone else have any ideas?

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It sounds like you have everything setup correctly.

To check your T763's software version, press the Audio + Video buttons simultaneously. The SW will display for 4 seconds.

I belive the latest version of SW is 2.05; that is what I have in my T773 and it works flawlessly.

If your unit has a lower SW version, you should return it to your dealer to have the SW updated via the RS-232 port. You dealer has access to the latest SW via NAD customer support.


Rock Bob

Poor Brad, another NAD victim!

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I really AM starting to enjoy these Anonymous posters who do nothing but berate people, and generally "dumb-down" the whole process here. Why is it these babies never identify themselves?

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The crucial pieces of information you supplied in your previous post are that the unit is well ventilated and the problem happens when nothing is attached to the amp. It's definitely a problem with the amp, probably the protection circuitry is tripping in too easily. The other posters are correct that the unit needs to go back to the dealer. I think it more likely this problem is hardware, not firmware. The amp is getting the wrong signal and believes it has to trip out. Either it thinks there's a short or that it's overheating. This is unlikely to be a logic issue (especially as you've done the factory reset), and more likely a faulty component leading the amp to believe one of the above.

Sorry I can't be more upbeat about it, but the sooner you get in touch with your dealer, the sooner you'll have a working unit.


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Thanks Frank. I figured it was a hardware thing as well (unfortunately), I didn't think that firmware would be an issue - even though I have discovered that I have an older version (Thanks Rock Bob - it was also confirmed by the dealer that my version IS older). BUT - the dealer that I purchased this receiver from is most excellent... and the unit is on it's way back today. A new one will be shipped tomorrow, and all should be good. I'm just deciding if I should head up to the 773 model... dealer will give me full credit for the 763, and the difference isn't too bad. I'll keep you posted... thanks for the help.

To all those NAD nay-sayers out there... sorry - but I'm stiking with it. I'd rather deal with a couple of problems, than live with inferior sound.

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on a T763 I pressed video6 + (source <)
video6 + (source >) is
Anybody knows the difference?
Both of them do some sort of reset which removes the cracking sound when switching from Stereo to DD.


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Are you using a surge protector? Have you tried a different outlet? Double check all your connections. I'm just wondering if your having problems with your current. I use to get intermittent power losses in an apartment, until I called the power company and complained. It was just enough of a power loss to reset the clocks.

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Initially that was my thought too. I was living in an older apartment, and figured the power was garbage - considering all that gets plugged into the circuits throughout the building. I recently moved into a new house, and waited to test out the receiver here before posting anything, or informing my dealer. Alas, I still have the same problem here - in any outlet. I've tried a million different configurations (no speakers plugged in, no source connected, etc.) - and still had the same problem.

I think I did manage to solve the issue, though. That T763 was shipped back to the dealer last week - and a T773 (version 2) is on it's way. I have faith that this one will be OK.

BTW - the 763 that was shipped to dealer... has not exhibited one single problem in the last week that the dealer has had it. They are, however, shipping it back to Lenbrook for further testing. At least it's out of my hands now!
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