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Hey everyone,

I'm rather new to learning about audio and home theater systems. I had a few questions maybe someone could answer for me.

I recently bought a JVC-RX8040 receiver because a friend referred it to me as being a good product. I also bought 2 good speakers. However, I am planning on going out to buy a new TV and DVD player.

1) Does the quality of the sound for TV or DVD dependant on the receiver and speakers... or, is it also dependant on the TV and DVD that you select. I am planning on running the audio from these through the receiver's speakers. Just curious.

2) How do I go about connecting the DVD through the receiver? My receiver has a 'monitor out' output. Is this what I take as the output from the reciever and as the input in my tv?


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1.) Garbage in garbage out, 'nuff said:-) Your audio is dependent on source.
2.) Once you get the unit, it will come with a manual for you to peruse. Do not ignore it, you can learn a lot from your manual. It tells how to connect other devices to the receiver, what cables you need, etc. The TV and DVD player will have manuals as well, read them well. So don't jump the gun before you get the stuff.

Now, if, after all that reading and you just can't figure it out or you downright get frustrated, come on down and post your questions. We'll all be here to help out a budding audio enthusiast! Be warned, inside these board is a wealth of information (or otherwise)and you just might get hit with audio equipment acquisition syndrome. Or an endless need to visit audio shops and audition equipment:-)
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