QUESTION: Yamaha HTR-5560 & Bose Accoustimass


I have decided to buy the Yamaha HTR-5560 6-channel A/V receiver.

I plan to use the Bose speakers from my previous stereo setup for the front L/R channels. This accoustimas set has an un-powered subwoofer. In addition to the center and surround speakers I just purchased, I also bought a JBL PB12 powered subwoofer to get the most out of the LFE channel.

Now I have a question about crossover selection for the front speakers: According to the Yamaha user's manual, the LFE channel for the powered subwoofer picks up the frequencies that are omitted from the other channels based on selections made by the user. I can select either full range or limited range (above 90Hz) for the front speakers. I want to select full range since I have the Bose unpowered subwoofer with the front speakers. But then I wonder if I'll not be sending enough good LFE info to the awesome JBL SB12.

Do any of you own the HTR-5560 or HTR-5550 and have experience with various speaker selections and setups?

El Rojo

Well, I assume that you are using the sub pre-out. It won't matter. I just bought a HTR-5560 but, I haven't received it yet. Your sub pre-out should be a controllable via separate crossover.

I am using the sub pre-out (LFE) for the new powered subwoofer by JBL.

The subwoofer for the Bose speakers that I already have is UN-powered. I plan to use the Bose set on the front channel. The way those get wired is that the left and right front channel speaker wires go directly to the subwoofer where the signal is split via a passive crossover. The higher signal is sent via some more wires to the satellite speakers.

So, would you set the front speakers to LARGE or SMALL? If I use the large setting, I get more out of the Bose subwoofer, but possibly at the expense of low sound that should be going to the JBL powered subwoofer.

Naturally, I will experiment with the settings to see what actually sounds the best, but I was hoping someone else had experienced something like this already and had good advice.

OK, It helps to actually read the manual. I found on page 42 that, for this Yamaha receiver, you have the option of sending the LFE signals to BOTH the powered subwoofer AND the main speakers. Since my main speakers include an un-powered subwoofer, that will put BOTH of my subwoofers to work and should make for very solid base performance (in theory). We'll see how it actually sounds.
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