Quad 12L or Dynaudio Audience52


I'm new to the hi-fi world and looking for a pair of bookshelf speaker. I narrowed my search to Quad 12L and Dyn. Audience52. My use is purely stereo listening and I need your advice and opinion regarding these two.The receiver will be a Marantz 7400 or Nad T753. Thanks for any input.

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I can't recall what imppedence those speakers are - I think the Dyns are 4 ohm which would count the SR-7400 out. They go very well with the Nad T753 which can handle 4ohm speakers with ease.

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Have you auditoned both? The Quads have a reputation for being very detailed, good, and having great bass, good.
They are also so detailed that unless you match the right amp to them they can be edgy. The warm rich sound of the NAD with good cables should sound very good.
I love the piano finish of the Quads real wood veneers.

Off topic: I have Dyn's in my volvo and boy they sounds great.

Thanks. I have not auditioned them yet. No dealers here that carry both speakers.Maybe next week I could but I can't side by side.

Anymore inputs from our friends out there that had demoed these two?


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The 12Ls win hands down, the DA 52 just don't quite cut it unless u go for the 52SE version which is an entirely different beast :-)

That 52SE can match the Quads 12L very well and seem to perform better in the bass department, mids and highs are equally sweet. The DA52SE even topple the ATC SCM12 in WHF maga group test of 4 sub-GBP1000 speakers last December. If you want the scans I might still have that issue lying around :-)


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I recently was in the market for a pair of books for a music only 2 channel stereo system. My short list came down to the Dynaudio 52's, Quad 12L's, and the Spendor S3/5. All are fine speakers, but I went with the Spendors. I think you should give them a listen. Good luck.
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