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Was wondering whether anyone can help me?
I am wanting to upgrade my speakers and am thinking about the KEF Q5s or even the Q7s but am worried that the Q7s will be too large for the size of my lounge which is 3m x 5.5m or 9' x 17'?

Also, I am currently running a rotel pre and power amp (RB270/RB271) which are rated 70W but will get another RB271 power amp to boost this to 210W. Is is still worth going for the Q7s or would there be a system mismatch here? My source is Rotel CD costing about $500


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In my view, the Rotel is powerful enough if you are shooting across the short length rather than down the long length of the room and this would be very preferable in configuration to shooting down the length of the room. Therefore, I'd use the money you were going to spend on the extra amp on a better quality set of speakers such as B&W 705s, Totem Rainmakers or Arros or Dynaudio Audience 62s. After that look to upgrading the source (which you don't mention) or the amp with a better preamp or even a better integrated amp such as Naim Audio Nait5i or 112x/150x pre-power (only 50 watts, but you'd never know it), Cyrus8, Arcam A90 or FMJ A32. You'd get a lot more music doing things this way, and don't forget the source. If the CD player's not much kop then there's no point to any of this.


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Thanks for your advice Frank

As beautiful as the 705s are, they are currently well out of my price range (£900). I was considering the Q5s and Q7s as at the time of writing I thought I'd found a great deal on the net (this has turned out not to be such a great deal after all...) and could thus afford what would have been a £600 or £800 pair of speakers. I wonder if the speakers you mention would bring out the best of my £300 Rotel RCD865 CD?


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Try lo listen also to:

Visonik Evolution 6
Canton Karat S8DC

both in your price range
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