DPR line from HK??


Dylan Ludwig
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I've been looking at the DPR 1001 because it has gone down in price alot, and i was wondering if anybody has heard this receiver.

I have heard that its too bright...but i just wanted some of your opinions. I have an infinity center and paradigm rears. My fronts are designed and put together by me with Peerless components.

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I would go with the regular AVR line if you want HK. It's just not worth messing with the digital amps yet. They're technology has not been worked and perfected like the other amps. Plus, the 1001 was first generation digital amp from HK. If you're looking for a good deal, check out AVR525 or 325. You should find them in the same price range.

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The dpr1005 looks good too, but not as cheap. I am curious to see how far HK goes with this digital amp thing.


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I am on my second DPR1001 and it is going to have to go in for repair. My first one died on me after a few months of use and this one has developed a popping sound in the right rear channel. I know it is the receiver and not the speaker because I switched my front center speaker to the rear right output and the popping switched to the center channel. I am not very happy with HK service either as it took them close to three months of trying to fix my first receiver before finally deciding to give me a new receiver. I'm lucky I had my seven year old $400 Sony receiver to use which, incidently, sounded better than the HK in my opinion. Maybe I'm just having bad luck with the DPR1001 and it isn't such a bad receiver. Sound-wise it may not be compatible with my speakers or just not suitable for my taste. Feature-wise it has everything I could ask for except upconversion to component. In any case I think I'm going to switch to a Denon or other receiver when I get this one repaired (or at least HKs AVR line if they ofer me a good deal). Anyone want to buy a slightly used DPR1001?


John 85212
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I had the DPR1001 and returned it, it didn't sound good at all. My 6 year old Technics receiver sounded distinctively better. Avoid these digital path receivers. I ended up getting the Pioneer VSX-1014 and love it. I don't have the links but over the last month or two in this forum I described my DPR experience in detail. There are also disections of the technology for those who want detail. If you look back for all DPR related posts you will understand just how bad these DPR receivers are. They are basically dirt cheap to make. Look for the previous posts, they will definately be eye opening.

John 85212
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I found some of the links, there may be more in this forum. Good Luck.


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