Marantz SR7400 vrs Sony DA50ES Q?'s


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Hi, new to the board and have questions. I am preparing to upgrade my system and don't want to be disappointed. Here is what I have and what I like listening to

Receiver: Sony DA50ES
DVD player Sony --- who cares I'll replace it!
Speakers: Klipsh (fronts/center/rears)
Subs: Yamaha and MK
TV Hitachi 57" HDTV

Listening needs: I like movies to sound good and am a fan of DTS tracks, but I am highly interested in SACD and DVD-A.

I have been eyeballing the Marantz DV6400 which will handle the formats correctly, and also the Marantz SR7400.

I would like to know if anyone can give me an opinion or comparison between the Sony DA50ES I have, and the Marantz 7400. Its sad that I paid $1000 for the Sony but no analog inputs are available and are necessary for SACD/DVD-A, (high res mode).
I am open for suggestions as well, and not necessarily stuck on Marantz.
I have thought that perhaps I should borrow a loaner from Definitive Audio here locally, and formulate my own opinions. If anyone wants to share there opinion on the DV 6400 I would love to here it as well.

By the way picture quality is important to me but sound quality is most important.


Genesis fan preparing for 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' SACD, and others by the G-men!

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The 7400 should suit your needs fine. Do you have a budget for the DVD player?

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Hi Berny,

thanks for your response. I think around a $500 for the dvd player, so the DV6400 fits nicely. I would like the DV8400, and I hear it is really nice, but at $1500 I'm not sure I can justify that much extra cost.


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I haven't any experience with the DV8400 so I don't know what I'm missing :0.
The DV 6400 is a really nice universal player without the dreaded chroma bug. At this point in time, it should no longer be an issue with vast improvement in chipsets anyway. I haven't seen any artifacting with this player. You should like it:-)

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I use the Marantz 7400 with a SONY KE 42XS910. I used mostly ADS 250CMS speakers with it. I picked up a Sunfire Jr subwoofer. The sound is great for my CDs, DVD movies and HDTV.
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