HDCD decoding in Nad T773 - function of the amp or player?


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I have very many HDCD encoded CD. My DVD player has a built in HDCD decoder. The NAD T773 has a HDCD logo on the front, but mentions nothing at all in the manual about HDCD except that it is a Microsoft trademark. Gee thanks NAD...anyway, I've been listening to these for quite a long time with different amp. To me HDCD has a nice increase in sound resolution when compared to a standard CD...in other words its worth it. But my question to you is, why in the world does NAD have a HDCD encoder built in the amp? I've always understood that the decoding process is the function of the player. The HDCD logo always lights up on my player whenever a HDCD encoded disc is present. Is there something I'm not understanding, or missing in sound quality from my HDCD collection? I've wrote NAD about this, and the answer I got sounded like doubletalk. Maybe thats why they are removing that feature in newer released amps. Any clarity regarding the function of the HDCD decoder in the NAD T773 would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have the CD player connected to the NAD via the digital connection then the NAD will do the decoding. If you use the analog connection the CD player will do the decoding. HDCD cannot be decoded then sent to the receiver by the digital connection. That's why there is a decoder in the NAD. This also alows the decoding of HDCD using any CD player. In short, the CD player can only provide decoded output through its analog outputs and the NAD can only decode HDCD when it is received through its digital inputs.


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Dennis, thanks very much for clearing this up for me. I had been confused about this issue. I was surprised Nad could not be clear on this, especially since it was their own product.
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