HELP - Yamaha RXV2400/Paradigms/Denon DVD-2200 Frustrations


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Hi. I am frustrated to no end.

Back in '97 I purchased my home theatre system with a Yamaha RXV2092 and Paradigm speakers (Monitor 7 Fronts, CC-350 Center, etc..). Last year at a party the Yamaha amp kicked off and would not power up. It felt hot but was not in an enclosed area. I had it checked out and the parts were going to cost >$160 + labor. Since the amp was several years old I decided to upgrade rather than putting money into an older unit.

My current dilemma:
Right before Thanksgiving I bought a new RXV2400 Amp to replace the old one. I also bought a new Denon DVD-2200 player. I brought them home and within minutes of watching a DVD the amp would kick off (power shut-down). It would do it with loud noises and/or high volume. The dealer I bought it from said my speakers or speaker wires were doing it.

I bought new monster cables for my fronts and center ch. for performance and to eliminate those wires as an issue. The wires to my rear and rear effects are routed internal to the walls.

So I unplugged all of my speakers and methodically plugged them in one at a time to find the culprit. In the end my left Front Monitor 7 AND the Center CC-350 would shut the amp down. I plugged each them into other speaker outputs on the amp to verify and indeed they were the issue.

So I had them sent to service through the same dealer I purchased the amp from.

I received them back 3 weeks later after they replaced the driver in both and also the crossover in the Monitor 7 (~$230 in repairs). I plugged them back up and AGAIN, within 5 minutes of watching a DVD to test (The Matrix) the amp tripped again! I was pissed. They didn't fix the speakers so what did I pay for?

I unplugged again only the 2 speakers they repaired with no problem then plugged the repaired speakers in one at a time. This time only the Center CC-350 shut the amp down. So they didn't fix the CC-350 right? Wrong. I returned the CC-350 again for Service.

I get a call from the Service tech. yesterday and he tells me the Tweeter is fried. The very same tweeter he replaced the 1st time. So he tells me either my kids did something crazy cranking up the volume or something is wrong with my amp. I explained to him that my kids have not nor will touch my stereo (they're only 6 & 9) and how I personally viewed these failures when connecting the system up brand new.

So he tells me I need to bring the amp in for test and possible repair since it seems to be the culprit (this was the service tech but he told me I need to talk to the sales guy to know how they will handle this under warranty).

Finally, I am able to connect the Front Monitor 7 into the Center Ch. of the amp and it doesn't trip the amp off. It would seem if the amp was the problem it would fry the Monitor 7 too wouldn't it? It would also seem that it would have re-fried both of the speakers which were repaired again when I reconnected them not just the Center channel.

My questions:
1. Has anybody had any similar issues like this before or anybody with any expertise/insight as to what could be going on?

2. Could the Denon DVD-2200 player in any way be involved since it's also new? It is connected to the amp via coax. Also, the 2nd time my speaker failed I retested using a CD with the same effect but it was AFTER the DVD player had already tripped the amp off.

3. Anybody have any insight as to what I'm faced with on warranty or return? If the amp is the problem, I have now have >$260 of MY money for speaker repairs caused by it. I also do not want to have to send my brand new amp in when I have had 2 months and haven't been able to utilize it. I'd like to have my guns in a row before I go to the dealer.

Right now I am thoroughly pissed at Yamaha assuming their amp did this after the first amp failed (possibly mis-directed anger?). If the receiver ends up being the culprit I would return the Yamaha and exchange it for a different comparable model if I could. If they are the problem then this is 2 strikes for them with me and I'll never buy their equipment again.

Thanks for bearing with me and any advice anyone out there may have.
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