Mixing different ohm speaker


I know that it is fine to mix different ohm speakers, but assuming that the sensitivity level are the same and it is a straight hookup to the receiver without any adjustments, would a 4 ohm speaker play louder than a 8 ohm speaker? For example if I have Axiom M80 as my main speakers and the vp150 as my center, and just using the main volume control, would the main drown out the center?

J. Vigne
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It depends on whether the sensitivity spec was done as specified by the FCC which insists the speaker be measured with voltage the equivalent of 1 watt. By stating voltage as opposed to wattage the increase in power from a "typical" amplifier has been adjusted for impedance. If that is the case the impedance has already been taken in to account. The problem , of course, is there is no "typical" amplifier. A tube amp with multiple taps for impedance will create the same voltage/wattage into whatever load the speaker presents. It is only when taps and impedance are mismatched that power of a tube amp changes.


So would a 4ohm speaker play drowns out my 8 ohm center channel speaker, assuming everything is equal with no adjustments made? Would the sound level proportionally increase as I increase the volume? I am using a HKavr525.

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