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Bought a new TV this week, Sharp Aquos LCD 37". I want to get rid of my center channel now and the TV manual says I can turn the TV into my center channel. I hooked up the Component out to the HK, trying it in two places, both the Center Channel outputs on the NK AVR 525, but it did not power the TV speakers. (Yes, I turned the TV to Center Channel setting as the manual suggested.) Can someone who has a HK AVR525 help me?

Also, would you hook your DVD directly to the TV in this case? I read that the HK AVR525 doesn't degraded the signal, but what do you think?

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If you think your TV speaker is good enough to act as center, by all means give it a try. That's what I do until I buy a good center anyway.

You want to connect the center pre-out on the h/k to a Y-connector (to double it), and then plug that with RCA audio cables to the TV sound inputs. It's likely that your TV has different sound inputs for each of its video inputs which complicates the setup. What I did is route all my video through the h/k receiver and use only one video input on the TV along with its sound input. So I never change inputs on the TV anymore.

Then you'll want to adjust the volume on the TV to match the other speakers and never touch it again.

For my part, I couldn't detect a difference in the picture between component connections directly from the DVD to the TV, and S-video routed through the receiver. The rarely used VCR video was upconverted from RCA composite to S-video using a 5 dollar adapter. So everything is in S-video.

Works for me...
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