Athena asp400? or better for same $


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Hello guys,
I have athena audition speakers with a yamaha rx-v640 receiver. Is the asp400 the best sub for this system for the price $375 cdn or is there something better for the same $ out there that I should look in to. I want it for movies and music.


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This is probably much too late. I'm sorry no one answered your question until now. I don't think then athenas are the best sub for any system unless they are priced very low (then they still aren't the best just a good deal). I have the athena auditions (asf2, asb1, aac1). I actually own the asp300. I got it for $100. I believe its worth that but no more. For 300 - $400, I would recommend either the HSU stf1 (299) or stf2 (399). Both of these are a really good deal. In additon to these, onecall ( has refurbished phase power 12's for 294. Velodyne's are on sale at onecall as well. I don't mean to bombard you with choices; however, you will be satisfied with any of these subs by far more than the Athena. Most on ecoustics would recommend the stf2 and it gets my vote too. But, don't count the others out.

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what do you think of bose subs, say something like the accoustimas 3 to 10 series. used bose subs are sold on ebay but im just not sure if they r better or poorer compared to other subs. im using the cube speakers but i dont have a sub yet.
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