Yamaha RX-V650 vs Harmon Kardan AR330


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Can someone give me an opinion on these recievers? I am running all Velodyne speakers and sub.

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Features for the Yamaha are at: e=ENG&cat=REC&prod=AVR%20330&sType=C

I would buy the HK AVR330 hands down for the superior sound. But the Yamaha does have some nice features that may be more important to you.
The sound on the RX-v650 is thinner and brighter than the HK and so I would strongly recommend hearing them both before you make a purchase.

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I don't know if the Velodyne speakers you mention are bright/warm sounding, but consider that the H/K is described as warm and the Yamaha is described as bright. What receiver do you have now?

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I have a older Harman Kardon which I like alot. The sound is awesome through the Velodynes. They are definetly warm and clean sounding

I ended up buying the Yamaha last and I played with it. I like the features but not to impressed with the sound. It seems that the sound is not as dramatic and clean as my older H/K. I am returning it today for the H/K AVR330. Hopefully I will be happy with this one.

Thanks all for your help.

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I wonder how would you compare these two receivers to go with B&W 309/303/LCR3 combination. I'm mostly into electronical music and movies like Lord of the Rings, I like my bass punchy and so. Thanks.

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H/K has definitely a better bass output. It's full and warm, while Yamahas still have slightly weak and thin bass. With B&W's the H/K is a good combination and it'll probably suit better your needs than Yamaha.

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Hi, I have a similair question but with different models. Looking at buying either the H/K AV230 or the yamaha HTR 5760, does anyone have either of these or any input.


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tlil...Final decision obviously would be your preference. You don't mention what speakers you have so matching between these two receivers is a crap shoot for us so far. Initially H/K without any other info
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